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Consortium Partner Survey Form

Consortium Community Survey

Prior to the Adult Education Summit Meeting with regional partners, an electronic survey was administered to 95 stakeholders requesting input regarding needs, gaps and solutions in the consortium’s catchment area. Results of this input were structured according to the five program focus areas considered in the AB86 planning project. Thirty-one organizations sent 71 attendees to the Adult Education Summit held during July 2014.

Consortium Survey Results


Employer Survey

During February 2015, an online survey was sent to approximately 50 major employers in the region, targeting those with the largest number of employees. Twenty-five employers responded.

Employer Survey Results


Faculty Survey

Sixty adult education and noncredit faculty were asked to identify the top three needs in their area of academic expertise, including basic skills, ESL, high school diploma, GED, vocational, and adults with disabilities, as well as overall regional needs. Professional development needs and strategies to leverage community resources were also queried. Twenty five people responded and 30 teachers attended the faculty forum on September 19, 2014.

Faculty Survey Results


Student Survey

The student survey was administered to students who were enrolled in basic skills, ESL, GED, vocational, high school diploma and other classes. Input was sought from students concerning preferences for class schedules and locations, access to training in technology, and potential interest in new courses.   Satisfaction was also assessed regarding the condition of facilities, availability and variety of courses desired, class size, and campus safety. Student population demographics were collected regarding education, income, employment, number of household members, race/ethnicity, age, and native language.

Student Survey Results

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